High blood pressure

According to American Heart Association the blood pressure (BP) goal should be less than 130/80 mm hg. Several factors play a role in regulation of the BP which are age, sex, weight, exercise and genes. Although we can limit the risk factors some patient still requires medications to control their blood pressure because of their age and hereditary factors. Patients might require more than 2 medications to control their blood pressure as it is important to keep BP in control to prevent end organ damage such as heart failure, stroke or kidney failure, etc. The most important modifiable risk factors to control BP are eating less than 2-gram sodium, weight loss, and regular exercise. Many studies have shown BP reading at home is more reflective of the real BP hence it is important to buy an automated BP cuff at home and measure BP twice weekly if you have a high BP and log the numbers in a notebook to keep a record of the trend. Discussing the trend of your BP reading at home with your doctor is very important and highly encouraged.